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Web.com is a web hosting and domain provider. Their pages focus on the needs of small businesses, offering custom-design websites, and even marketing solutions for an introductory price of $1.95 for the first month only. But there are many Web.com complaints.

If you are a small business just starting out, Web.com can provide all the assistance you need to get started in the world of web marketing and is designed to meet your specific needs. From custom web designs to full-service search engine optimization (SEO), Web.com provides a comprehensive range of innovative and cost-effective internet tools to help your business succeed online.

But Web.com is a terrible website hosting service with false promises and overpriced plans. The website builder offers an industry-specific template together with free photos, headings, other types of content, and 24/7 phone support. But that’s not what customers get when they sign up for the overpriced plan.


Limited Site Builder

Web.com is a good site for those looking for a simple website builder that easily allows you to make changes on the fly. However, if you want features like cross-browser compatibility, or an easy way to add live chat to your site, then this one isn’t for you.

Web.com offers a solid choice for small business, freelancers, and hobbyists alike. The platform is easy to use, but those looking for advanced features such as a website builder and hosting will need to look elsewhere.

Generic Look and Feel

Web.com has three options for your website template and minimal customization, which means there’s a huge chance that your site will look generic and you might run into a competitor whose website looks similar to yours.

Web.com doesn’t offer you many options when it comes to designing your website. This can be frustrating, as you may want to include more customization options and more control over how your website looks. In general, it’s hard to make a unique website with this service.

Expensive for What You Get

Web.com is one of the most expensive domain providers in the industry. They try to lure you in with a low introductory offer and then automatically convert you to a higher tier, at an extra cost.

We have been receiving many complaints from users about Web.com, who are claiming that the service automatically switches customers over to a higher plan after the first month. The company has no free plan, nor does it offer an affordable paid option for small business owners.

Lack of Customer Support

Web.com offers 24/7 phone support, but can be difficult to access. Their lack of support will result in a difficult time accessing maintenance for your website and having the ability to install content management systems.

Web.com’s support falls short in the areas of phone and email customer support. The lack of 24/7 live chat is a major drawback and has frustrated many customers. If you need to get in touch with Web.com’s support team, you may have to wait as much as 24 hours for a response via email or phone. Mastering your own site maintenance isn’t worth it.

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