A Review Of Web.com Marketing

Review of Web.com Marketing

We have placed Web.com at the bottom of our list. It appears to be just mediocre even though it does provide a broad range of services. They actually do provide basic web hosting, however, it is quite inflexible and definitely expensive when you compare it to the other providers we reviewed. Read more of our Review of Web.com Marketing:


At Web.com you’ll only find one hosting package. This plan offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth. You also get to host unlimited domains with your account, and you have your choice of Windows or Linux hosting.

This plan has the capability of providing good hosting, but the fact that there is only the one plan to choose from really makes it hard to call it good. The lack of flexibility makes it unattractive in many respects and when you’re paying over $10 for hosting, this service is going to cost you more than other providers charge.

Web.com Marketing

Naturally we would have been more pleased if there were more choices. The standard features include a website builder, site statistics, and a control panel. They even give out advertising credits to help promote your website with the major search engines. The drawback with the credits is that they don’t really amount to much, it’s just a small springboard for kicking off your site. They do offer several access options that include SSH (secure shell) access and unlimited FTP accounts. Those unlimited FTP accounts are designed for letting your friends or employees also access your website.

We were totally surprised that Web.com doesn’t offer many features in the way of development. Actually, they only had one advanced feature which is raw log access. We would’ve liked seeing a web-based file manager to make it easier to manage your site from whatever Internet connection you choose, as well as access to some sort of script library. That would enable you to install your own pre-made scripts or add you own code to your site, without needing to know how to write code. Another negative aspect of Web.com hosting is they aren’t set up for any type of eCommerce, unless you want to pay more for the services.

We do admit their services are user-friendly. No-one should run into any problems with navigating and using their interface. A few of the features were a little tough to find, but we were able to get through to their support team and got things lined out. They just need to improve their online resources and come up with different packages that give people more of a choice. They could add a few video tutorials or even some FAQs. This is our Web.com review 2015.

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