Streamlining Ecommerce Ever More Through Sites

There are a lot of different paths to getting a website today, but one of the premier low cost solutions that you’re going to find works very well overall is that of sites. They have been working towards creating easier sites for people that need a small business page, or even a personal solution. The one thing that they weren’t quite strong with was eCommerce, but that’s going to change in a heartbeat as many are finding that their services is getting a huge boost moving forward. It was recently announced that they will be working with Simplify Commerce, a solution that will streamline the payment process across the network of pages that the company has.

Setting Up Sites

Small business sites aren’t relegated to just one area of the internet. They are all over and they need to sell through items as much as large eCommerce retailers. It’s within this world that many companies are seeing a great deal of difficulty. Smaller companies that want to secure online payments would have to previously go through a difficult process to try and sell items. That’s changed with the latest technologies, including that of Simplify Commerce. This integration between and the payment processing option will now allow secure payments for anyone that sets up a site. Sites Sites

Streamlining Payments

When a small business has a secure order form on their site, they are more likely to capture sales than if they had to go through a secondary solution. Setting up shopping carts, and taking payments can become a stumbling block for many small business owners, especially if they don’t have the technical skills to program this type of secure transaction. With so much worry about the safety of credit card information online, things can be quite difficult for a small business site owner. With this new streamlined process, however, small business owners don’t have to worry about the issues related to heavy programming, security, or shopping carts any longer.

For those that are looking for an easy solution to set up a website, this is great news. Never before could you integrate eCommerce with a low cost site and domain like this. It’s an exciting time to have a small business online, especially with such easy integration with web technologies such as the collaboration between Simplify Commerce and

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