Web.com Steps Up To Put Small Businesses Online

There are nearly 30 million small businesses across the United States, and Web.com is committed to reaching as many of these enterprises as possible. The company has exceeded its original expectations, and Web.com is listed among the top 50 IBD growth stocks. The services offered by Web.com are proving to be of great value to a growing number of clients.

Web.com offers registration in the .co, .com, .net, and .org domains, and there are user-friendly options and tools for web design and hosting services as well. Small businesses in particular may appreciate the search engine optimization and social media marketing capabilities that are part of the Web.com services. Web.com recognizes these crucial small business needs, and this is why they usually focus on servicing firms with fifteen or fewer employees.

Many Web.com clients run their businesses by themselves, so eliminating the challenge of establishing a website, social media platform, or online marketing can have a big impact on small business operation and success. Web.com currently provides effective subscription solutions to over three million customers, and the client total is steadily increasing with every quarter.


Web.com engages in a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes everything from sponsoring pro golf tours to knocking on doors to entice new and existing business customers. These marketing strategies have been effective, and this is why their subscriber growth rate has surpassed expectations.

The revised Web.com goal includes hitting 20,000 to 25,000 new subscriptions per quarter, and past performance supports this as a realistic goal. Small businesses can be difficult to maintain for a variety of market and economic reasons, but Web.com notes a monthly client retention rate of 99 percent. The combination of online marketing, direct sales, telesales, and direct-response radio and television ads appears to be the ideal mix to keep Web.com at the forefront of putting small businesses online.

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