Grow Your Own Money Tree With An Amazon Affiliate Site

What is an Amazon Affiliate Site used many successful marketing strategies to grow their business. The most effective strategy is their affiliate or Amazon Associates program. By starting your own niche website, you can promote their products without investing your own money into the business, and they pay you for sending them business.

Get Your Affiliate Link

You can get signed up in no time by following these few easy steps:

• Go to
• Click ‘Join Now for Free’
• Create an account or login using your existing
• Accept the user agreements and rules
• Choose products and get your link on the product sales page
• Create your Ad
• Copy the HTML code to your site

Your Site — Your Store

Establishing your own niche website is one of the most productive ways of promoting your favorite products. Most people choose a platform that introduces products through written reviews. You can write your own product reviews or outsource the task. There are many online writing providers with experience in this type of writing.

Additionally, the content on your website should indicate that you know your products and niche very well. Authority articles are used on websites to stake claim as an expert in a particular niche. With this in mind, well written trending topics are especially helpful in directing traffic to your site. Once on your site, you can then introduce them to your Amazon products.

Raising Your Income

There are 3 elements that will determine how much income you can make with your own Amazon affiliate site: traffic, product price, amount of sales. Your web design and content will help drive traffic to your site. Once there, you will receive a percentage of the sales from customers who buy from you. This is where product price makes a big difference. In addition to this, the more items that are sold, the higher percentage you will collect from the sale. Now you are ready to grow your business and your own money tree.

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