You Are Ready To Quit Blogging

Back in the early days of blogging, running a blog was fun and easy to succeed with. But as the search engines continue to limit what site owners can do to promote their blogs and the ever increasing number of bloggers trying to attract traffic, it has become more difficult. New bloggers fall victim of online sellers promoting quick money in blogging but after a period of time begin the realize that it’s hard work and give up. Maybe you are one of the many site owners that will quit this year. Here are some good reasons to Quit Blogging.

Quit Blogging

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Some reasons you might quit your blogging career:

  1. You discover that you do not have the time required to blog. You probably have a full time job already and are busy with family duties. Plus there’s all kinds of entertainment options online and offline that you enjoy being a part of. No time for something that is not very profitable right from the start.

  1. Your topic is boring. You selected some topic to blog about that does not interest you and you struggle to write posts. Maybe the topic was interesting at one time, but today you have moved on and don’t care about dating (because your married), making money online, or losing any additional weight.
  2. You don’t write interesting content. Maybe you are able to write a lot of content, but your readers don’t find your content worth returning to read more. Not only is the content less than quality, but there are basic grammar or spelling errors in almost every post.
  3. You are overextended. Maybe you are successful in some different online endeavors. But the blog is not related to the money making business. You are involved in too many sites online and you do not have the time to focus on all the different topics.

Hopefully you keep your blog going even if you do find yourself in one of these categories. Refocus and find the time to write quality content for your site. Promote your content socially and in niche groups online and build your audience one reader at a time.

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