The Google+ Cheat Sheet Can Help

The Google+ Cheat Sheet

The Google+ Cheat Sheet helps users navigate and use their Google+ account to make the most of this popular and growing social network. While this social platform is not extremely complicated, it does not work the same way or look like any of the other popular networks on the internet, and it can be time-consuming to look up a how-to every time a question arises. That is where this easy tutorial comes in. This helpful sheet provides fast answers to users’ questions without the need for a search button.

The Google+ Cheat Sheet provides fast, visual solutions to the most commonly asked questions. Users can learn how to emphasize words and phrases in their posts, such as including an asterisk before and after words to bold, how to keep their posts from being re-shared by people who can see user posts by clicking on the arrow at the top-right of a post and disabling re-share, how to share links and photos with a simple click and drag of the mouse, how to include other Google+ users in posts by adding @ or + before their name , and more. When users need a little guidance using their Google+ account, the Google Cheat Sheet is the best place to start.

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