How To Gain More Views On Youtube

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How To Gain More Views On Youtube

With the increasing use of the Internet, YouTube has become an essential for beauty gurus and gamers, as well as comedians and music artists. For those just getting started on YouTube, it can be challenging to get views and subscribers. With a few easy steps, any YouTuber can increase YouTube views and gain subscribers.

  1. Put effort into the videos. Although seemingly obvious, putting obvious effort into videos will draw attention to them. Unique videos that are well made will receive good ratings and be spread through the YouTube community. Make sure to have clear sound and video quality and avoid seeming awkward in videos. Free editing software should be used to edit videos so they are presented in their highest quality.
  2. Post videos as video responses. In order to post a video response, go to another video and click as if to post a comment, and then click “post video response” and choose from an existing video, or record one at the moment, to post as a video response. Post responses to videos with similar to content to your video. By posting video responses to more viewed videos, there is a greater chance they will be seen and watched.
  3. Promote your channel. If you have another social media site, such as Facebook, tumblr, twitter, or Pinterest, make sure to post about your channel and post links to your videos. By promoting your channel on social media sites, you are appealing to an audience you already have, which will in turn allow you to  increase youtube views.

4.Be active on YouTube. In order to draw more attention to your channel, make sure to comment on other videos, private message other YouTubers to make friends, and tag people to do videos you’ve done.

  1. Make videos people want to see. A great way to get more video views is to make your own version of popular videos. Do not directly copy another person’s video, but don’t be afraid to get inspiration from successful videos. Clever, but relevant, titles will also attract viewers. Do not be misleading with your titles, but make sure they tell what the video will be about.

The most successful channels display high quality content that viewers desire. Every YouTuber can increase their popularity, but it will not happen without effort.

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