Why Pretty Much Everything Offline is Getting Obsolete

In this modern age, everything evolves, and is continuously evolving. The bulky telephone that was invented by Alexander Graham Bell has now evolved into a more portable version, which is the smart phone. The huge computers from the 80’s are now replaced by small netbooks. Businesses that were once flourishing were replaced by one innovation from this modern age – the Internet.

The Internet is clearly at fault on this. The Internet allows us to access information from all around the world. Not only that, we also have access to various products and services that was once normally (and exclusively) obtainable offline. With all the things the Internet offers us, it is no wonder why everything that was once considered innovative is now obsolete and useless.

Below are some examples of items that are now made obsolete (or will soon be obsolete) by the Internet, as well as the reasons behind it:

  • Newspapers

Newspapers, before the Internet was introduced, proved to be very invaluable for people. People wanted information delivered straight to them, and these newspapers are useful for such.

However, the introduction of the Internet has made newspapers nearly obsolete. Why pay for newspapers for the same information you can get for free when you access the Internet? With the Internet, no longer are you limited to reading local news, as you have access to news from all around the globe plus other worthwhile reading content. You can also read the news from the past few days by viewing the website’s news archive. Lastly, news updates are instant and are brought to you as soon as it happens.

So as you can see, newspapers are nearly (and quickly) becoming a thing of the past. In a few years’ time, newspaper companies will shut down and newspapers will be fully obsolete.

  • Snail mail

While very invaluable in the past, snail mail (or simply mail) is rather outdated in this Internet age. Why use mail, when you can use various methods of communication with the help of the Internet. Instant messaging (or IMs, provided by various instant messaging clients), e-mails, live chat, VoIP – these are only few of the services you can make use of in order to communicate with other people from different parts of the globe.

In this age of the Internet, time is money. Why opt for effective, but slow, methods, when you can use quick and effective methods of communication?

  • DVDs, CDs, and media (pictures, videos, music, etc.)

Video rental stores, music stores, and other stores are quickly becoming obsolete this decade. Websites that offers videos like YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, and others have made video renting unnecessary. iTunes and other websites that offer music downloads are quickly making record stores obsolete. Pictures can easily be downloaded from the Internet (provided that they are not copyrighted) and can easily be edited through the use of various programs to suit the needs of the consumer.

In the end, progress cannot be stopped. In just a few years’ time, newer technologies will be introduced, making the previous generation’s items and devices obsolete. The only thing we can do is to embrace these newer technologies and incorporate and make use of it for our everyday lives.

The author is a freelance writer. He blogs about subjects of his interest such as home remodeling, computers & internet, email fax services & online fax.

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