The First Step To Starting An eBay Business: The Idea

The best way to get started with setting up a business on eBay is to begin by selling personal items that you don’t want anymore. This way you’ll get a handle of how things work on the site. You even might find some items that sell well or are in demand. If not, here is a number of eEay business ideas to get you started.

Quick Tips:

  • Check out eBay’s ‘Want It Now’ section to find items that people are looking to buy
  • If you have an account you can look at past sales – see what has been sold and at what price.

Product Sourcing

The great thing about eBay is that there is such a large number of buyers and people shopping on the site. What this means is that items found at a garage sale are sold for much less (as there are less buyers around) that it can be sold on eBay. Other places to look for low priced goods:

  • Flea markets
  • Discount Stores

Local Pride: Another business venture to look into is to find a unique element of your local culture that you can market to people outside of your area. Is there anything unique/interesting about your local culture: products, crafts, food/sauces, crafts, clothing that can be sold on eBay.


  • Business Tip: The thing to remember when starting an eBay business is that you make money when you buy your products, not when you sell it. Why? Because the lower you can buy your goods the higher the profits you can make. You can’t do so much with the price you sell the goods at, but there is a lot of room of how much pay for them.

Master Crafter

Crafts are popular items for people to buy on eBay. The benefit of starting a craft business is that you can easily test out how your crafts will do by making one or two and test selling them. If they sell, great! If not, you can experiment with other craft ideas. Another website that allows people to sell homemade crafts is

The Hidden Option: Affiliate Seller

You can become an eBay affiliate by joining the eBay partner network. How this works is that you set up a website/blog and you write about your different interests. Within the posts on your site you can highlight a product on eBay, and if someone clicks on the product and goes to eBay and buys it, you earn a commission. The great thing about this method is that it requires low start up costs as you don’t need to buy the products to sell. All you need is a domain name ($10 a year) and a company to host your site, someone like HostGator ($4-5 a month).

So there are a few eBay ideas to get you started. Head over to Business Sketchpad for more business ideas, from pet businesses to businesses for kids.

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