Sociable Spending: Why Social Media Is Great For Custom

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There was once a time when a disgruntled customer would mention that they were unhappy with a service to a few close friends. In extreme cases, they would send a letter of complaint to the organization, demanding some form of an apology.

Now, customers have the ability to broadcast feedback about a company to hundreds, or even thousands, of potential customers at the touch of a button. Whilst these negative comments can be hugely detrimental to your business, any positive promotion through social media can expand a business’ revenues in ways which were previously unimaginable. Here’s how to leverage social media:

Get Sharing

One increasingly popular way of doing this is through sharing applications. These include simple features, such as the “like” function on social-network giant Facebook or the “re-tweet” option on Twitter. Once installed, it allows any user of your website to instantly share information on a social network. This can draw many new customers to your website every time it is pressed by advocating your services.

Whilst this plug-in allows users to copy material from social networking profiles another great social media plug-in allows content from external sites to be shared on these networks. These are known as social bookmarks and are a great way to automatically share pages or content across multiple formats. Small icons which refer to specific social networking sites are displayed on the host site and a simple click sees the content “liked” on the relevant social network. This increases the websites public profile and can generate a number of links from a single act or source.

For business owners who want to know how to build your own website, this application is one of the essential requirements and innovative uses could expand traffic by figures as high as 300%. Turning how fast a user “likes” a website into a competition is just one of the many ways that a sharing plug-in can generate a huge amount of revenue for your website.

Supply Your Audience With A Variety Of Content

Other social media applications you may want to consider are video and audio posting. There are many applications and plug-ins which allows you to post video or audio content directly on to your website and this is a great way to captivate the attention of your online visitors.

The most popular forms of these are media players. These are usually embedded within the site and allow content to be viewed without forcing the user to change websites. The 3-5 minutes it takes to view/listen to something can be a crucial factor for success and it is important that you keep the length of posts within this range to prevent users losing interest.

Remember that bad news travels much faster than good news and that means any negative reviews of your business could circulate in no time at all. Providing the best level of customer care and being prolific with your advertisements and news streams in order to draw attention to your services and enhance your public exposure.

Cameron Pink is a frequent blogger and user of social media. Understanding that social networking is not all about interacting with your friends online, Cameron has investigated the role it has for businesses. He offers regular advice on how to build your own website using social media applications.

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