Why Should Small Business Owners Switch To VPS?

For small business owners, setting foot into the corporate world can be much harder than anticipated. Whilst the rise of the internet has made it easier for people to launch their own online company, making the progression into large-scale success is not quite as straightforward.

Businesses and the internet

Now used by more than 2 billion people across the world, the internet has a huge bearing on the success of your business and must be managed correctly. One of the main problems encountered by businesses is slow or disrupted services on their websites – something which can cause customers to look elsewhere.

These problems are surprisingly common and are usually found within businesses which use shared web hosting. This is the most affordable type of online hosting but this does not mean it is the best. Shared hosting supports a vast number of virtual accounts through a single server, putting it under high levels of demand. This makes problems commonplace and, with no root access, there is little businesses can do to rectify their problems themselves.

What about VPS?

One of the only truly effective ways to address the problems of shared hosting is to update to VPS (Virtual Private Hosting). The server is still shared by multiple account holders but on a far smaller scale. Root access is also provided and the server is partitioned so that each virtual account gets a larger portion of the resources. Customer service and support remains in place, ensuring account holders have access to professional help should they need it.

Is VPS suitable for all businesses?

VPS is often considered the best compromise for businesses who want the performance of a dedicated server with the affordability of a hosted server. This makes it a great option for all businesses – provided they have the required level of capital.

Are there any problems with VPS?

VPS offers greater control to account users but with greater control comes greater responsibility. Some businesses can find this transition hard to adjust to and may lack the technical knowledge to support their services correctly. Many web hosting services offer a range of packages to combat this potential problem, giving account holders as much or as little control as they want.

Those who use VPS may also encounter slight disruption to their service if there are too many virtual accounts using the server. If this happens then there is greater demand on the available resources, recreating some of the problems commonly experienced on hosted servers.

The easiest way to protect against this is to ensure you use a hosting service which is well recognised and respected within the industry. Always check the amount of virtual accounts using the server and check that the resources can support this many.

Anne Hoyle is a business executive from Nottingham. She manages business accounts for others, transferring them to vps and other systems where appropriate. She blogs regularly to offer advice on web hosting and internet services for.

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