Ways To Make Money Online in This New Economy


Let’s face it, the old way of making money online is pretty much dead and gone. For many years, it was relatively easy to earn money on the Internet. But over the years, things have taken a huge change. Mostly thanks to spammers and those who prey on the uneducated people using the Internet. Tougher regulations from both lawmakers and online companies have hustled in new guidelines that make it harder and harder to start and run a successful online endeavor. But fear not, for the person who truly wants to start making some money on the side and have a real chance of making money quick, there are still legitimate opportunities out there for you.

Web content is probably more in demand today than every before. With the explosion of the blog over the last decade plus more and more companies looking to break into the E-commerce world, a great demand exist for articles. But fear not, you do not have to have a degree in English Lit in order to succeed. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that if you did have such a degree, it would be more of a hindrance than if you didn’t. Companies are looking for content that is written in plain every day language. In fact, most experts agree that articles that are written on an 8th grade level are the ones that are read the most.

So if you can put together a few legible sentences and create a paragraph, you stand a good shot of making money on the Internet. There are places such as iWriter, Freelancer.com and The Content Authority that hire writers. You could potentially have your first paycheck by the end of the week!

Another source for people heading off to the Internet looking for quick ways to make money are product research brokers. These are companies that hire consumers to perform product research and testing. Corporations hire such companies whenever they have some ideas they want to roll out, but first want to see how well they will, or will not, be perceived by the buying consumers. This is the reason you may hear of a product or service that is about to hit the market, but may take 6 months or so before you see it on your local shelves, if ever. If they company finds out their product is a flop, then you can bet you’ll never see it massed produced!

Every time you complete one of these reviews, you get paid or you’ll acquire ‘points’. Under the points system, once you’ve attained so many points, you can cash them out. The money is generally paid to you through PayPal, but some companies offer merchandise at large discounts for their product reviewers. You may even get the opportunity to keep the product you research!

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