Premium WordPress Theme Providers: Which One Is Best?

Making your WordPress site look eye-catching and professional can be very difficult if you lack the necessary programming and design skills. Along with this, most people probably do not want to spend days designing their site. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Premium WordPress themes allow people without photoshop or php experience to easily customize the look of their sites by simply pointing and clicking.

Top 3 Premium WordPress Theme Providers

1. Studiopress – Studiopress is one of the most popular wordpress theme providers online. Their online theme catalog consists of over 40 themes along with many others which can be purchased separately in their marketplace. One of the main selling points of Studiopress is their themes are created with the input of industry professionals – from security experts to seo experts.

It is built on the Genesis framework, a secure foundation where “child themes” can be layered on top without affecting the internal functions or structure of your site. Each child theme is designed professionally and their collection of themes cater to different users including company sites, personal blogs and content / news sites. The themes individually priced at $80 – $100 or you can purchase their pro-plus package which costs $300 to gain access to all current themes along with future themes and updates.

You can find out more about my experiences with Studiopress in my article – “Studiopress Review – My Experience With Studiopress Themes”.

2. WooThemes – WooThemes boasts a huge collection of 119 beautifully designed themes for different types of sites. I was very impressed with the level of design provided from WooThemes as each theme looked completely different to the next one and you would not know they were templates.

The WooFramework offers many point and click features such as custom shortcodes, built-in seo options and custom page templates. The framework is very user friendly and offers a powerful way for beginners to customize their sites in seconds.  WooThemes cost $70 per theme (you get 2 free bonus themes and lifetime updates) or if you can you get access to all themes for $200 plus $20 monthly.

3. ElegantThemes – If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, then ElegantThemes may be the most suitable. For just $39 per year you can get access to all of their themes and also future additions. Each theme is cross browser compatible and comes with a unique set of features.

When it comes to choosing a premium wordpress theme provider, there is no provider than stands out above the rest. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to wordpress themes as each provider provides different styles and types of themes along with a variety of unique selling points and features. I would recommend taking a look at all of the themes by the three providers mentioned above to make your decision.

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