How To Make Money From Your Website

Well, it’s no mystery that a website can generate revenue.  Nearly any successful business has a website that it uses to better promote itself, however, there is also a means by which any website owner can generate income from his or her site that is entirely passive.  Yes, I’m talking about making money for essentially, doing nothing.  If you’re wondering How make money from your website, I’m assuming you’re thinking of passive income.  Now, there is some up front work to get to that point, but, believe me, it’s more than worth it in the long-term.

Now, the main way to make passive income from a website is by acting as an affiliate.  That’s it.  As an affiliate you are essentially being paid by someone else to either better promote or sell their product or service with your website being the promoting vehicle.

Let’s talk about the promoting or advertising side of being an affiliate.  How this works Is, your website will host ads for other companies.  “Where do I get those ads?”, you ask.  Well, they are automatically generated by Google.  Simply sign up for what’s called Google Adsense.  It’s free.  In so doing, you will get snippets of code that you place on your website.  At that point, Google will read your site, understand the content, and turn those snippets of code into text or image ads for other companies that are relevant to what your site is about.  So, as visitors go to your site, they will see these ads.  Should they choose to click on any of these ads, they will leave your page, and be taken to the advertiser’s page.  Now, you want this to happen, because every time it does,  you make money for the click.  “How much money?”, you ask.  Well, it depends on how much the advertiser is willing to pay for the click.  On average, you stand to make a penny to a couple bucks.  Not bad, huh?  So that’s how to make money from website advertising.

Now, another way to earn money as an affiliate is to sell other people’s products.  This, also, is a very common form of site monetization.  You simply sign up with a company like Commission Junction and just pick and choose which product or products you’d like to promote.  On your site you would simply post ads or have text in a blog that, when clicked, redirects the site visitor to the site selling the product you’re promoting.  Now the difference between this and Adsense is you’re not being paid for the click on the link or ad, but you will earn a commission if the site visitor makes a purchase.  “How will the parent company know to give me credit?”, you ask.  Well, you will have what’s called an affiliate link.  An affiliate link notifies the parent company that a particular site visitor came to them from you.  For example, let’s say you’re an affiliate for ABC company, and there site is  Well, the affiliate link they may generate for you, may look like this:  The numerical sequence at the end represents your affiliate link.  While the page mirrors the company’s home page, it provides a way for you to get credit for the sale.

The more difficult part about learning how to make money from a website has to do with bringing lots of traffic to your site.  While this topic deserves it’s own article, I would greatly encourage you to check out The Keyword Academy at

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