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There are tons of cool ways to get guest posting opportunities. They come in all different shapes and sizes, but guest posting has become an Internet phenomena, and the value of it has become somewhat saturated (although still extremely valuable). For this reason you want to try to do things that most people don’t do. You want to find that really unique guest posting opportunities. This includes finding web sites that aren’t the norm. Perhaps that aren’t WordPress sites, perhaps they are bloggers that know nothing about Internet marketing – or maybe perhaps they are just blogs that only appeal to a particular group of people; people that are a part of an in depth – underground – “buddy buddy” system.

Whatever the case is, these are the types of blogs you want to get involved with. Why? Because they will be on the Internet forever, there articles provide extreme value to the Internet, and they hardly link out to sites that they do not find interesting or useful. These are the type of blogs/web sites you want to get a link on.

So Where Do You Find These Blogs

First of all for an awesome list of how to find great guest posting opportunities with advanced search operators check this article out. My personal favorite searching operator for finding guest posting opportunities is:

Keyword Phrase + intitle:”write for us”

So what about all those other blogs out there – you know the ones that provide amazing content for people all over the place but are nowhere to be found at the top of the SERPs? Here are a few ways to find those blogs.

Check out Link Directories

Hey! These things do have a purpose after all! Searching in link directories like JoeAnt or Linkopedia (which also happen to be amazing sites to submit to for your own SEO purposes) can bring up some really interesting results in all sorts of different niches.

Many of the websites listed in link directories like these bring up some truly good websites. Websites that fly way under the radar that are just loaded with potential “link juice.”

Finding Link Opportunities in Specific States/Countries

Blekko is a really cool search engine. One of the really cool things about it is that you can see why they rank web sites the way they do. You can do this by simply logging in and clicking the “SEO” button that is on the bottom of each description in the search results.

One of the cool things you can see is where all your links are coming from. Particularly what state and what country they are coming from. This allows you to potentially see where your website will be doing its best in terms of location and it will also give you direction in where you should start building links.

It is just a theory of mine, but I tend to believe that the more you can diversify the location of your links the better your site will do on a national level (and global). If you think about it, the best websites in the world have links from all over the globe, and if you are U.S.A. based, that means hitting up all 50 states. Aaron Wall of SEOBook says that there was a time where you could say to yourself “Ok What Would Google Do?” He says that the time for being able to ask yourself that question and then implementing your hypothesis is now over, and that you can really act on “guesses” in the market anymore. I tend to disagree slightly, and think that there are many areas in SEO where you can sort of “guess” what Google is going to do. Link building is one of them; you just have to make sure that you are not doing anything that could potentially harm your web site in the future.

This article was written by Jet Russell who helps to run and maintain an Internet marketing company that provides an amazing article writing service at www.inetzeal.com. In his spare time he writes articles about SEO and SEM.

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