E-Commerce Hosting: A Merchant’s Best Friend

With more and more businesses opting to have a website, the demand for e-commerce hosting has exponentially increased. Online transactions have grown throughout the years and online shopping is at an all-time high. What e-commerce hosting does is to provide companies that are in the developmental stages of making a website with whatever is required for them to sell their products and services. E-commerce web hosting will allow companies access to everything from servers to host their websites to templates for virtual storefronts.

The very first thing that an e-commerce hosting company has to provide is hosting space on a computer server. There are two options which are normally extended to individuals who require web hosting – dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Dedicated hosting is suitable for large companies. This is because you get a web server which is entirely yours. You do not have to worry about sharing the server’s resources with other clients. Basically, the server is “dedicated” to your use and you can modify the server’s services according to your company’s unique needs. However, dedicated web hosting is rather costly and may not be suitable for average users.

Shared hosting is the opposite of dedicated hosting in that a number of clients share the use of the same server. Unlike in dedicated hosting, the resources of a server are utilized by numerous clients and their websites. Because a server is shared, the cost for that server is shouldered by the different clients and this hosting package is generally more affordable. There are some web hosting providers which do not allow multiple websites on one shared web hosting plan. This is why users need to be discerning of the hosting companies that they choose.


A good e-commerce web hosting company offers Magento hosting. This e-commerce script offers businesses maximum control over their website’s look, content and functionality. Magento is an open-source platform which is created by Varien and makes use of Zend PHP and MySQL databases. The user-friendliness of Magento and its wide range of features are what make this script indispensable to merchants.

To start off, Magento is intuitive when it comes to the presentation of products. Merchants can easily create a product catalog and then manage this catalog. Magento allows merchants to add more than just one picture for each product and then review the products. On top of that, Magento allows merchants to update their products by batch, manage their inventory, manage orders and shipments and then integrate various payment methods.

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