Viral Marketing 101 – The Guide To The Most Effective Marketing Tactic On The Web

Viral marketing is a true to life phenomenon. It often works better than any other type of campaign that you can create online or off. The reason is that is puts the marketing into the hands of the masses, and nothing works better than people spreading your message freely and voluntarily. It does not require add creation, expensive budgets, or any kind of endorsements. In contrast, it is an all natural, grass roots type of marketing method and when executed correctly is advertising in its purest and most successful form.

Web based business owners as well as smart Internet marketing professionals realize the critical role viral marketing plays in the success of their business. In fact, social media is one of the vehicles that illustrates just how vital viral marketing can be in today’s social web, since the various online social venues have become just as much about business as they are about socializing. All the pertinent social sites, like Twitter and Facebook play key roles in spreading the message that marketers send, making for free priceless advertising within the viral schema. Blogging is another aspect of the social web that on many occasions has replaced the traditional news channels in many niches, and blogs offer endless opportunities for viral marketing to flourish.

Viral marketing, although powered by some thoughtful strategy as well as planning and strategy, by definition can only real true success when the target audience is engaged, interested and so impressed that there is no other option but to spread the word. In short, a marketing campaign that goes viral will only do so when people love it and want to share it without any incentives. This puts the power of the campaign into the people’s hands and not the marketer.

Whether you are promoting a hot product, service, a flagship site message or a useful how to guide, viral marketing is a necessary, productive and absolutely essential marketing tool on the web today.

How To Create And Execute A Viral Marketing Campaign

Developing a viral marketing campaign can be tricky and will take some careful planning. It’s important to take the requisite steps, define goals and set out a plan of action to achieve them. Read on to learn about how to create and execute a viral marketing campaign.

Define The Goals
Make sure to understand exactly that you want to achieve. Weather you want to increase click throughs, sales or just grow a customer base the differences in those goals can determine the execution and steps you will take to get there.

Make Sure Your Content Is Worthy
One of the biggest reasons that viral marketing campaigns fail is because the original content is not worthy of word of mouth marketing, which is the integral part of viral marketing. If you want to succeed with viral marketing you have to be sure that your content is going to impress the target audience and has the “wow” factor necessary. Think about the YouTube videos that make it to the local and national news channels on television.

Select The Outlets And Venues
Consider the various venues that you will use. Social media, blogging, mailing lists, press releases are viable choices, but should be organized and used in such a way to yield the best results.

Attack at a multi prong level. For instance, if creating a blog post then make sure to tweet about it, post in on Facebook, let your contacts at LinkedIn know, etc. The message needs to be widespread in order to engage the largest possible audience. Video is very hot right now, and posting a video on YouTube and referring people back to the original message is one way to go viral.

Entice Readers
Make sure that your message is enticing enough to catch the interests of your target audience. Twitter, Facebook, blog posts and other social media, and especially video should have titles that are irresistible, get the click and in turn lead that visitor back to your original target. Some content is so either so useful, so funny, so outlandish, so controversial or just so fascinating that people cannot help but let other know about it.

In the world of the social web there is no excuse for not utilizing and making the best of viral marketing. It is really a powerful way of communicating that provides for absolutely free advertising that can have a huge impact on your business. And, remember that with viral marketing usually come a bunch of natural backlinks to your site, and this is the best SEO that brings higher rankings in Google and other search engines that in turn drives organic traffic and potential business to your websites.

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