How to Make Money on Your Blog

With the onset of the Internet and the huge impact, it has imprinted on our lives, blogging has now become a highly competitive industry, especially because you can now blog in your own mother tongue. The youth of today has become addicted to blogging in a big way and use it as a platform from which they can express their thoughts and opinions to the world. Today, almost everyone resorts to blog. Especially writers find blogging very interesting, from both the point of view of their expertise and the positive commercial returns. Here are some ideas on how to make money on your blog.

Blog Niche is the topic on which you blog. Blogging helps to give expression to your ideas and also helps to make money. No doubt, blogging brings in money, but your approach at first should be non-commercial. Be very selective when you are choosing your niche and ensure to select a topic that you are familiar with. If you are a technical person, be sure to choose a technical subject.


You will then have to find out the kind of audience you want. Use search options to get the list of well known blogs in the same niche as yours. Peruse the comments that are left behind, carefully, analyze, and you will be able to identify the ideal audience that you want to cater to.


Before starting the blog you should start a social community. This should be a platform on which there could be discussions between the audience and the blogger. New audience should be invited to join the community. A Facebook and Twitter profile will add great value. Follow the social pages of your competitors. You should leave your comments in the blog of your rivals in the same niche. This will get the blog a lot of exposure.


When you write the blog post, you should keep in mind the targeted audience. The title of the post should be so attractive that it should hold the attention of the reader. It should force the readers to read even if they are short of time. The content should be good enough to hold the readers’ attention. Blogging with genuine ideas should be is the rule of the day. You can write about all your personal experiences in the blog, but ensure that it is mutually beneficial to the reader and also the blogger. The reader should think it worthwhile to recommend to a friend. This Word of mouth advertising is something that could gain you a lot of audiences.

The blog will surely help you to make money, if you were to follow the tips that are given above. Bear in mind that, if you want to make money in blogging, you must be a person who is well known in the Internet circle. For this you should start to join the forums that you find on the web and also participate in all discussions that are being held, pertaining to the topic of your blog. This will answer the question how to make money on your blog?


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