Do’s and Don’ts Of A Job Interview – Tips To Get Hired

Got an interview call? Don’t just rush out unprepared. The interviewers will observe things, you just might ignore. And this can eventually affect your chances of employment. Remember, finding a job cannot be easy; the interview is the hardest part. Here are guidelines on interview do’s and don’ts. These can really be helpful, if you follow exactly as mentioned.

The Do’s

Go well groomed and dressed. Arrive at least 10 minutes before interview. Maintain a good posture. Listen properly to what the interviewer says; be courteous, confident and maintain eye contact. Respond to questions asked and quote your replies with examples. Be yourself and maintain a positive attitude. Do some research on the organization and prepare intelligent questions to ask. After the interview is concluded, offer the interviewer a handshake, polite smile and thanks.

The Don’ts

First and foremost, do not be late. Don’t make negative remarks about previous employers. Don’t makeup answers and false statements. Take the interview seriously and don’t act as it’s a casual practice. Don’t chew gum, smoke or joke during the interview. Don’t give the impression that you are interested in the job for personal benefits only (such as salary, geographic location and other benefits) and not in serving the organization. Don’t sound desperate or frustrated. Don’t let your cell phone ring during the interview; if it does, reject the call and apologize. Don’t take friends or relatives along with you, it only shows that you are not independent enough to attend an interview alone.

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