5 Tips For Writing a Successful Market Research Proposal

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Market research is very important for a business. A product has to be designed keeping in mind the consumer, and this cannot be done unless and until the company conducts a market research. It is imperative for a company to ensure that it has researched well, because it will base all its major decisions such as what product to produce, what packaging to use, what group to target and what marketing strategies to apply. All those who have read Business Studies, or have some knowledge about the subject will agree that it is extremely important to get the research right, because it is the basis on which a business will build on later.
Now that you realize the importance of Market research, when you are making your research proposal there are several things that you should keep in mind, and to make sure that you have no confusions regarding the issue, we are going to take a look at 5 Tips For Writing a Successful Market Research Proposal:

Write Simply

The first thing that you need to keep in mind while you are writing a market research proposal is that the proposal in itself is simple. Use of large words, flowery language is not really going to get anywhere. If you have the material, then you need not necessarily complicate things. Many people feel that at the end of the day many proposals are nothing but complicated vocabulary, and when you are submitting a market research proposal, you definitely do not want your employer to think that. Make sure that the research you write is explained in an easy to understand language which will then help you in effectively delivering your idea to the committee. This is likely to get you a much better response so keep this particular tip in mind when you are writing your proposal.

Future Plans

The second thing that you ought to know when writing a research proposal is that you need to elaborate on your future plans. This is very important: you need to get a clear message across to the committee that not only the research that you have done holds great importance, but it also has significance in the future, and that the research you are submitting has potential for future plans. This gives a strong basis to your research proposal and makes it better among others.


Make sure that the market research you submit is totally your own idea. If it is lacking originality, you don’t stand a chance and it will be ejected right away by the committee. Do not think that you can get away with squirreling.

Attractive Presentation

Another thing that you should know is that the market research you submit should be attractive and interesting, not dull, drab and boring: it should have the power to appeal to the committee so that it doesn’t stand a chance of being rejected.

No Jargon Usage

The last thing to know when submitting your market research is that you should avoid technical jargon, and if you must use it all, make sure you give proper definitions.

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