5 Landing Page Tips For an Effective Call to Action!


Are you looking for powerful landing page tips that can boost conversions over the weekend? This is the list for you! It has never been easier to create an effective landing page – consumers know what they want, and marketers have been tracking their behavior for years to figure out the key to their wallets!

Follow the five easy tips below and be amazed at the difference that a few small changes can make!

1. Increase Conversions with Simple Color Theory

Blue and orange, green and red… Contrasting colors attract attention, especially when you use them to highlight the important parts of the page. A green call to action (CTA) button would definitely stick out on a purple landing page design. Make sure the scheme is aesthetically pleasing, but have fun with contrast!

2. Take Advantage of Graphical Cues

Symbols like arrows and checkmarks may seem a little outdated, but they are no joke when it comes to landing pages. Use these simple graphics to draw the eye toward the goal: the CTA.

3. Use an Action Button, Not a Link

Links will work in a pinch, but descriptions of landing page best practices usually suggest a graphical call to action button. However, the text on this button should be very specific: instead of “click here” you would say “click here to pay with PayPal”.

4. Keep it Above the Fold

This is one of those landing page tips that you just can’t afford to ignore – because consumers really will ignore anything that falls below the fold. The call to action should be clearly visible on the very first screen that the consumer sees; nobody should have to scroll to make you money.

5. Conserve Space with Video

Video is just an all-around fun and effective option to conserve valuable web real estate. Text can crowd the call to action, so move any unnecessary descriptions and walkthroughs to the embedded video.

See? Creating an effective, attractive, and high-converting landing page doesn’t have to be terribly difficult! So much of the power lies in the call to action – you may be surprised at the results you achieve through optimization and testing! These landing page tips won’t make sales for you, but they will definitely entice consumers to click on that all-important CTA!

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