How To Get The Best Adsense Click Through Rates

How can a publisher get the best click through rates and squeeze every possible dollar out of his website?

There are thousands of publishers out there that are looking to make a quick buck with Google AdSense.  The reason is easy to understand.  It is the most popular affiliate program in the country and they pay out hundreds of millions of dollars every single months to website and blog owners.

The disparity between the haves and the have-nots is wide when it comes to AdSense.  You have a small percentage of the total number of publishers making the bulk of that money. Most people using this program makes less than one dollar month.

There are two reasons people do not make money from AdSense.


The first reason is that they do not put their AdSense blocks in the right places.  The heat map provided by Google is quite clear where the best conversion rates happen and yet most publishers do the exact opposite.

Where do you think most people put their ads?  They place that skyscraper banner add on the right sidebar.  It looks pretty, its out of the way and it converts like crap.

Instead, place your blocks of ads above the title, right below the title, in the middle of your content or right after the content. These are the areas of your blog where AdSense converts the best.  It is amazing how many people complain that they make no money with this program yet every single month they shoot themselves in the foot by placing the ads in areas that do not historically perform well.


Your earnings will also depend on what kind of theme you use.  Word press themes with a lot of gadgets, color, pictures, flash and tabs do not convert well.  Magazine themes look cool but they convert terribly. The readers are overwhelmed and get lost.

You need themes that are basic and simple.  There is too much clutter on the net and you do not want your visitors getting distracted.  Your website should lead them to a call to action.  You want them to come to your site via Google, read a portion of the content and then click on an ad that solves their problem.  That is the formula and it works.  A few bells and whistles are fine but you do not want them going all over the place and clicking on things that do not make you money.  Choose a theme that is two colors at the most.  Black and white or black and blue themes seem to work the best.  The stock theme made by Kubrick has been my best performing template to date.

Follow these two suggestions and you will maximize your AdSense Income.  There are many people making money off Google and AdSense and you could be one of them.  Follow the advice of people who are making a living by doing this, do a lot of research and put in a few hours every single day to succeed in doing this.

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