Niche Website Domain Name Do’s and Don’ts

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What’s in a domain name?  For a niche website, quite a bit.  Don’t make a mistake with your website’s name. Learn to choose one wisely.  You never know, a good domain could make your site a household name one day!

Do choose a domain name that’s easy to remember. That means short, sweet and catchy. You will be using your domain a lot. On the Web it’s like your brand name. So make sure it’s a name that will stick in people’s minds.  Try this:  Suggest a domain name to your family or a trusted friend. If they can remember the domain correctly the first time, it may fit this criterion.

Do choose a domain name that is not misleading. If you chose a “premium” domain name with the words “make money fast now” but your site is a general article site about everything from French windows to Thai massage, it confuses your readers.  Don’t buy a domain name just because you like it or it’s keyword rich.  Your site and domain name have to match.

Do choose a domain name with “.com” if possible. When we talk about domains, people think of .com first. You give anyone the name of your site and they’ll assume the ending is “.com” unless you emphasize otherwise (and even then).  Having a .com in your domain is much more convenient. Imagine having to advertise or tell people all the time, “It’s .net, not .com.”  You might just make people curious about the .com version.

Don’t use the hyphen in your domain name. Or use it only if you really want that name.  The hyphen is awkward to speak out, and if your domain has multiple words in it, the hyphens make it look cheap and unattractive. On occasion the hyphen may be useful to separate words that would look confusing without it, such as “yoga art.”

Don’t use names of famous people or registered trademarks. If you want to make a niche website about emoticons on Facebook, it would be safer to not use the company’s name in your domain.  While other people have done this without any problem, you never know if a company or person changes their mind and decides to take legal action against those who use their names in domains.  After putting a ton of effort into promoting your niche site and getting links to it, imagine if you had to change your domain with no redirect option!

Don’t choose a domain name that can confuse people.

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