Structuring A Proposal Template Properly Based On A Request For Proposal

A basic proposal template needs to focus in on answering all of the critical questions from your customers request for proposal (RFP). To do this effectively your proposal structure should focus on two key sections. These are the executive synopsis/summary and all subsequent supporting information.

The executive summary is often last to be written. It should provide a synopsis of all the benefits provided by your company. As an example, your customer may have profitable online business ideas that they want you to produce. Your executive summary therefore needs to show how your company’s approach is most beneficial and make sure that answers all the questions raised in the RFP regarding how your company can deliver these solutions.

The supporting information section(s) may actually stretch over a number of different sections. However some of the key elements should include a breakdown of the work to be done, your estimates of costs involved, how will be managed, production approaches, action plans, reporting structures, monitoring and quality criteria, payment guidelines and milestones.

The danger with these sections is that is very easy to write a lot of information, which may be of reduced interest to your customer. You should however summarize where possible. Include in-depth information only in appendices. This is the ideal place for including additional charts, profit and loss estimates, etc. Always be aware that your customer may only read the executive summary in-depth and then delve into individual sporting sections which are of particular interest.

Your proposal template does however need to be reviewed repeatedly as you make new drafts. It makes sense to use the evaluation criteria normally specified as part of the RFP to score and assess the contents of your proposal. Your customer will have several proposals to read so try to keep all sections concise and remove extraneous data or text about your company which do not highlight the benefits of your approaches.

Structuring A Proposal Template Properly Based On A Request For Proposal by
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