Tips for Optimizing Your Landing Page

The average amount of time an online visitor spends on a particular web page is not very long at all – only a few seconds. Taking hold of their attention and carrying it through the point of sale is the ultimate goal for any online marketer. A successful landing page does just that. Keeps the attention of visitors and facilitates further action.

In top affiliate networks, landing page optimization is the key to success. Networks like Blue Global Media dish out the know-how to engender optimized conversions for affiliates.

This concept may seem like an easy one to carry out, but what do you do if your landing page isn’t converting as well as you would like it to? If that’s the case, chances are there is something about your landing page that does not appeal to visitors; therefore, it does not convert to its full potential.

Take another look at your landing page. Match it up with the following tips and make any necessary changes to optimize the ability of your landing page.

1.       All aspects of your landing page should be relevant to your market position. Make sure that all of the links on your page are relevant to its content and promotion.

2.       Your landing page needs to serve a function. Look at competitor’s sites to compare your efforts to those of others. Don’t copy, just jot down ideas. Nothing turns a visitor away faster than an old looking website design.

3.       A good landing page calls for the user to perform an action. Whatever the action may be, the icon with which you call the visitor to it should be eye-catching and high up on your page.

4.       Don’t send visitors on a scavenger hunt. Whatever it is you want visitors to do should be patently obvious upon immediate arrival to your page.

5.       Similarly, to the above tip, make the sale right on the landing page. Don’t send visitors through a web of links to find what they are looking for. The fewer the steps the better, more conversions you will have.

6.       If you are promoting more than one product, create separate landing pages for each of them and create unique content and designs for each, while keeping all of the other tips in mind.

7.       Avoid using Flash, or other applications, that will make your landing page load at a snail’s pace. There are plenty of ways to achieve eye-catching designs while maintaining a user-friendly landing page.

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