Basic Elements Of A Good Communication Strategy Template

Have you and your team agreed upon the headings for a communication strategy template? It is essential to include some key headings that detail the progress updates, financial information and risks which can affect teams & departments in your company.

A communication report can actually turn out having quite simple structure for internal reports. You can customize this structure for your external communications by making sure you omit sensitive information you do not wish going outside the four walls of your company. The basic structure for an internal communication strategy template should include the following:

  1. Project objectives: your team should have 3 to 5 key objectives or goals for the coming 6 to 12 months which should be detailed concisely (e.g. as part of the vision statement).
  2. Progress summary & outlook: fill in this section last with an executive summary of the progress of the team for the previous reporting cycle as well as the outlook for the upcoming weeks/months.
  3. Financial details: you need to have a section for any budgetary expenses and costs that were experienced and detail any trends in these expenses. Detailed balance sheets may be included in your appendices. Include the high-level details initially.
  4. Main milestones: most departments will be most interested in seeing what major and minor milestones you’ve achieved. The communication strategy template structure should allow the use of charts/graphs to visually inform others of this progress.
  5. Issues: provide a short list (6 to 10 items) of the major issues experienced and currently active for your team.
  6. Opportunities and threats: all teams produce their own SWOT analysis on an ongoing basis. Use this section to highlight information you want management to be aware of and/or possibly make executive decisions on. This information aids better communication skills in the workplace through effective reporting/feedback to management.
  7. Alterations to project plans: always include changes that been made to your team’s plans. Major alterations which will affect timelines, other projects, other teams or customers should be detailed.
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