Expert Marketing Research Proposal Design

Do you look at the marketing research proposal documents done by experts and wonder why yours are so different? The simple fact is that their work has a clear vision and objective. This can easily be incorporated into design structure of your own proposal documents.

Start out by listing the objectives of your own research work. You need to state explicitly what sort of goals and visions you have for market research work. If you intend doing customer loyalty research surveys then explicitly state what prompted this piece of work. You may provide an additional background section, towards the start of your document, to provide a preamble showing previous analysis/research work that prompted your current proposal.

The second critical element to include is the actual research approaches you intend using. There may be several. Try to detail exactly what types of surveys, online research or mail shots you intend using. When providing this information you also need to explicitly state how this information will be collected and therefore analyzed. Point out what sort of expected data results you expect to see and what sort of implications this will have on the company.

Management will be more concerned however with seeing a large amount of budgetary information. Provide cost estimates for all the various surveys and human resources involved in the proposed research work. Your marketing research proposal should also include statistics to support your reasoning for actually starting this work (though this is more easy to place within an appendix).

The final elements of the document to complete should be the various reporting expectations and guidelines you intend to follow as well as a summary section. The executive summary should also be included at the start of the document and pinpoint your major benefit or expected goal from the research work. Provide recommendations if you have detailed several different research approaches.

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  1. These are really great tips in making a marketing research proposal. Marketing research is very hard to do so these tips will really help a lot. 🙂

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