Making Your Marketing Research Proposal Look Professional

Are you struggling to make a professional looking marketing research proposal? The basic structure itself can be quite straightforward and fairly standard. The key to getting it right however is to first plan out what your own objectives are going to be.

Many marketers rush into filling out the document/proposal to quickly without first giving thought to their own objectives. You need to clearly define along with your team members were you’re going to implement this marketing research. It also needs to establish what available methods of perform the research are available in order to work out what onto the best approach. The major reason for establishing these objectives is to aid your planning of what check points, methods and reporting processes you will be using. Reporting in particular is critical to effective communication in the workplace of how your market research is actually progressing.

With your objectives defined, start to fill out the body of your marketing research proposal with the relevant information. Proposal documents usually start out with an executive summary which should be of the last thing to be filled in. It is worth providing some background information to start off with in your proposal regarding what inspired the actual researching the first place (e.g. some opportunity which was observed by team members).

The bulk of your document will however be concerned with defining what the objectives of the marketing research is along with what research approaches are going to be used. Detail exactly what type of data you will be analyzing and how this will be reported back to management and other departments. You need to provide adequate information to show that this research will be providing value and benefits to the rest of your company.

Finally, all marketing research proposals need to include budgetary information regarding staffing and resourcing requirements along with any technologies that will be needed. The executive summary should focus on the benefits your research will provide to the firm.

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