Project Management Certification | Top 3 Course Types Available

Many supervisors and managers look to getting project management certification in order to advance their career. The great thing about these courses is that there is a large flexibility in the type of training delivery methods available. This post steps through each of the three training options available to you.

Your first choice should be to look into Project Management Institute certification (PMI) as this is probably the most renowned PM program you can get and is recognized all around the world. The type of skills that are presented can be used in just about any type of industry (software, building, finance, etc.) and any type of project (integrating software systems, developing a market research proposal, etc.). The only real setback will be the cost of these programs which can sometimes prove to be quite high. In addition you may struggle to find a training center close to where you live.

The second choice would be to attend a college degree/diploma course. These are often run full-time and part-time and provide a great way of interacting with a broader range of students. You may also be able to integrate different modules from MBA style courses. The major disadvantage would be that they would provide less broad skills then you would find in the PMI course. That said, some project management certification courses in universities can become highly specialized and therefore even more valuable.

Your final choice is to complete an online program. Many of the larger universities now provide online project management certification based on webinars and courses that they provide to attending students. The key is to get a reputable college program in order to ensure your online certification will be recognized in the workplace. The real draw to this option is the fact that it will prove to be a lot cheaper and allow you the flexibility to work at the same time

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