How targeted traffic will allow your site to succeed

One of the biggest misconceptions about owning and running a website is that all traffic is the same and essentially you want as much of it as you can get. For some reason people seem to completely forget about quality vs quantity when it comes to the internet but realize that how someone finds your site will have a big impact on how much money they make you.

Getting high numbers of visitors to your site isn’t actually that hard, I recently received an email from a company promising 100,000 visitors for just $100. But where were they getting this traffic? You guessed it pop-up traffic, so when someone visits some random site my site pops up in the background. So how likely is it that someone buys a product from my online store because they saw it in a pop-up? Ask yourself this, have you ever done it?

On the other side of the coin we have targeted traffic which is usually much lower in volume but much more likely to deliver sales than our friends selling the pop-ups. The best place to get targeted visitors is from Google either using SEO (search engine positioning) or PPC (pay per click). The reason these methods work so well is that you can target a very specific customer with a very specific solution to their problem. For example if someone is looking for a “red fishing rod with sparkles” and you sell it how much more likely are they to buy it that even one of the 100,000 pop-up traffic people?

The thing is traffic from search engines always costs a lot more per visitor (even if you’re doing seo) so people are always nervous about getting it wrong, its much simpler to just buy 100,000 junk visitors and forget about it. However traffic with a specific need will always earn you more money in the long run so it’s worth investing your time in.

How targeted traffic will allow your site to succeed by
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