How To Dominate Your Email Marketing Campaigns

In the past I’ve given you plenty of good email marketing tips. This has included where to put your opt in forms to get the best conversion rates, what you should do to get more people to subscribe to your list, and more general help with building your mailing list. What I’ve never done however is told you how to really dominate your email marketing campaigns.

When I said dominating your email marketing campaign, I mean really going all out to get maximum conversions and high open rates. Today however, I’m going to rectify that mistake and show you what is needed to run a successful campaign.

I’d advise that you don’t do this until you have a good amount of subscribers though, as it will be a lot more successful like that.

The first thing you need to do it prepare a competition for your subscribers. This can’t be a small competition that no one wants to enter, this needs to be a big competition that everyone on your list is going to want to enter. What’s more, you are going to make it super easy to do so and get as many people involved as possible. So let’s say for example you make a certain type of product. You are going to offer to give away five of those products to any one who mentions them in their websites. This is an easy thing to do for people, and if they like / want to win the product they shouldn’t have any problem doing this. This not only benefits you because you get mentioned on a new site, but because one of the conditions will be that they have to include a link back to your website when they talk about this product.

This means you’re get a load of new backlinks (Pushing your site up in the search engines) and you’ll also get a big buzz around the competition.

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