Different Double Sided Business Cards


Good attractive business cards indicate someone’s good business and off course his or her personality. A good business card can expand anyone’s business in double or triple. Business cards are one of the most important tools to expand your business ideas and views of your business, as it is a cheap process of advertising.

Business cards are normally one sided that means one side is printed but other side is blank. However, you can print both side for spread more data about your company and information on your product. In one side, you must print your home address, phone number, and office address and office phone number. In other side, you can print some of your company information or product, which your company produces. Then the card is double sided business card. You can also use transparent thin PVC card instead of paper, which is clear business cards for their transparency.

Clear business cards or transparent cards have some benefits over paper business cards. The lifetime of a clear business card is much more than paper business cards that mean longevity is higher. Though water cannot do any harm, they do not have a lamination. However, it also has some trouble. The first problem is it is costly than paper. It needs special types of printer to print. Finally, it cannot be double sided. Clear or transparent business card is new concept in the kingdom of business cards.

Now the time to take your decision, which one your card should be. If you have enough money, I suggest you to print transparent or clear business card as a clear business card advertise your company more effectively. That does not mean a double-sided card cannot advertise on behalf your company. A well-designed double card must be a good media of advertisement of your company.

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