Choosing Branded Office Products

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Make your business stand out above the rest by getting a hold of branded office stationary, branded stationary will ensure you are a cut above the competition. Choosing the right office stationary is a mission in itself, you want to choose something that is unique but functional, personal yet professional while at the same time delivering a usable and quality product regardless of whether it is a ball point pen or an eraser.

While standard office stationary is affordable and easily obtainable, you might want to think about the potential of branded products. Branding your pens, pencils, erasers and other company stationary to a potential client or employee gives the whole operation an additional boost of professionalism. The items act in much the same way as a business card, acting as an ambassador to your company where ever the stationary item is produced, the better built the product the longer its lifespan and the more your brand is on display to potential clients.

Standard stationary is readily available, on the other hand purchasing in bulk will ensure that your stationary is always available when you need it most, and the more items purchased the cheaper the units become. Good savings can be made ordering in bulk, the larger your order the larger discount that can be obtained, stationary like pens could be better value than standard equivalent which does not display your company brand.

You are not limited to just pens, pencils and erasers when looking to brand office stationary. Companies are constantly coming up with new and initiative products which challenge the traditional products. Some of fluid brandings most popular products during 2010 include:

Stress balls – which help your clients and employees to relax by squeezing the ball in one hand.

USB Memory devices – allow your employees and clients to store files for backup or transportation.

Mouse Matts – remind your clients and employees of your brand, while keeping their wrist in good comfort.

Coffee Mug – while your client or employee enjoys a hot beverage, your brand is displayed to all around including the holder.

Colouring Pencils – A traditional stationary, found in many offices which can be embossed with your company name down one side, a constant reminder to the user where these came.

Ball Point Pens – Ball point pens are one of the most popular stationary purchases, after all we all write from time to time. Clients and employees alike can utilize ball point pens and spread your company’s brand.

Often the most simplest of ideas is the best one, branded office products are no exception to this, there have been many products entering the highly competitive market, ball point pens, pencils and bags are still amongst the most popular choices. If your still wondering if branded stationary is good for your business, just ask yourself what looks more professional? What would you prefer to see if you were a client?

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  1. Enagic
    Posted February 2, 2011 at 10:38 am | Permalink

    Often the most simplest of ideas is the best one, branded office products are no exception to this, there have been many products entering the highly competitive market, ball point pens, Thanks for the post.
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    a branded office stationery shows smart look to our business. Our business looks standard category.

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