Now You Can Change Your Life And Make Money From Home

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Making extra money these days is a big desire of most individuals and businesses alike. Here I will discuss 6 different ways to earn some extra money.

  1. Mechanical turk

You can get paid to do little tasks by amazon. They usually only take a few minutes so can be done almost any time, any where.

  1. Stock photo sales

There’s a lot of sites now that sell photos, have photos, so of course they need to get more. One way they do this is by paying others for their stock photos.

  1. Online auctions are a hit

Sites such as eBay sell new and used stuff all the time. You can set a big price auction or a buy it now auction. You can sell stuff you have or products from a retailer, drop shipper, or other people.

  1. Article writer for blogs

If you want to make money from home you could do so by writing articles like this one that sites can post on their own or other websites.

  1. Sell items on your own website

Making money from home with websites is a great way to earn money or make a personal business. There are a lot of options that allow you to set them up with absolutely no cost out of pocket.

  1. Use craigslist to get rid of stuff

Craigslist is perfect for those that want to sell to a local market and get rid of the used stuff in the house. Particularly the big stuff.

With these 6 ways to make money from home now its time to choose. If you need quick money, eBay and craigslist are for you, if you want more long term money then look at the website and blog writing. Any and all of them could be used though and will change your life if you are persistent and get to work. What will you do?

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