A Cheap SEO Solution for your internet home business.

Starting an internet home business can be very liberating, with a little bit of leg work and some clever thinking you can find a way out of the rat race once and for all. Some people who start their own internet based businesses find themselves making more money with considerably less time spent each week at work. If you would like to join this group of people you will need to have a site optimized for the search engines to pick you up and display your results to targeted customers. This is done using search engine optimization (SEO). While there are a lot of ways to do this, one cheap SEO solution is to just do it yourself.

When starting on the process of SEO the best place to learn is to take a look at what your competition is doing. Simply search for a few terms that you think a customer of yours would search for and take note of the top ranking sites. What kind of content are they displaying? From there, start copying some of the things you see, as you may not understand SEO at first, you can learn a lot and grow much quicker by simply mimicking the top competition.

Once you have your basic site set up, its time to start promoting your site with back links. A back link is where you plant your URL onto another site. There are a variety of ways to create back links, some options include offering a link swap with web sites, posting comments on blogs that allow you to leave a URL, or posting articles on article directories that allow you to leave your URL with anchor text.


Once you have your website set up to mimic the top competitors and you have made a few hundred back links you should be seeing some steady traffic. However this is no time to stop, keep reading up on SEO techniques and building back links. As you learn, tweak your internet home business site to improve your ranking in the search engines. Before you know it, you will have a successful internet home business, all thanks to your own cheap SEO solution.

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