How to Keep in Contact with Your Real Estate Client Base

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No one can deny that email is still one of the wonderful ways to stay in contact with their clients.  Using email is a tool and part of the Internet that has served salesmen and women well for the last 20 or so years.  If you haven’t been using email on a regular schedule, then you should rethink the extreme importance of this great marketing tool.

This marketing principle is quite probably one of the marketing rules that real estate professionals and salesmen and women seem to neglect on a almost everyday.   It is an element of marketing that is very vital and should be thought about with a high degree of priority. If you won’t focus on this facet of your sales and business you are leaving piles and piles of green stuff on the table, an easy sum for any other sales sales pro to jump on.  So, what I am emphasizing here is staying in contact with folks that you have already done business with.  This is an glaring marketing error by more than enough sales people, especially in the real estate sales business because most real estate agents think that once the sale has been made, the client is of little use to them.  This is a big, fat error and in this posting, I am going to inform you how to use the Internet and technological marketing techniques to stay in touch with your contacts, and allow you to pile up more of them while increasing sales and gaining more clients.

Most marketing trainers say that if you are going to make it as a salesman or woman, then you should keep contacting your clients or prospects and let them to hear from you at least a few times a year.  Firing out a letter appears to be the most noticeable way if you know how to do it right.  Sending special event cards, Valentines Day cards, have a nice day cards or any other occasion you can use to keep in contact with your prospects and real estate leads is a great way to keep fresh in their minds that you are at their service.

You can also use email technology to keep in constant touch with your clients.  Email use remains one of the cheapest methods to market to prospects you have already concluded sales with.  Currently, mortgage companies are forking out lower interest schedules, not just in the zone of selling houses, but also refinancing them as well. A good, concise newsletter by email could very simply tell and inform your prospects of this awesome opportunity.  There are three distinct reasons for doing this: more referrals, more houses to list and more money from exclusive real estate leads!

Since shooting out is still comparitively cheap, you can send them a well written message every other day or so broadcasting to them about important real estate news and information.  So, respectively, the number of times you could send a message to them by way of email is 52 times.  practically any  other holiday besides Christmas should be considered a good time.

The reason you can ignore the Christmas season is because people will get too much email and mail anyway, therefore yours will no doubt be ignored.  However, you could possibly send out email or letters for just about any occasion you can think of.  So, you could add at least another six to ten times to that original figure, you could call somewhere around twice a year just to say “How are things going?” Let’s also not forget social sites like Facebook, Twitter and other methods and modes of connecting to your real estate leads.  So, to sum it up, you could have gotten a hold them somewhere around 60 to 70 times during the duration of year!

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