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Search engine optimization techniques help your website to reach out to a global audience and bring prospective clients your way. There are several internet marketing tools that you can use to judge the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns and fine tune them, if necessary.

Keyword Research Tools

To become a successful businessperson, you should know what your prospective buyers are searching for in the market. That is why the use of online keyword research tools has become so popular these days. Such tools can help you find the relevant keywords that web surfers use most often. You can even pick some keywords with high volume searches and blend them in your Meta Tags as well as content to reach your targeted clientele with ease. Remember – the key to a good SEO campaign is to reach selected pockets of customers who are likely to buy from you rather than advertising your offerings to anyone and everyone.


Perhaps you already know that blogging is one of the best internet marketing tools. But do you know that the same can also be used for SEO purposes? If not, here’s the cue. Use your keywords as anchor tags whenever you link your internal web pages or are getting a backlink from a post that you have written somewhere else as a guest blogger. For example, if you own a web design company in LA, use keywords like LA web design, Los Angeles web design company etc as your anchor tags rather than using “Click Here” or “Check this out”.

Google Analytics

This tool can give you an insight into your web traffic trends and even analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. By using its user-friendly, powerful and flexible features, you can analyze your traffic data to know your audience, the pages where they stay for long, web pages with high bounce rates etc. You can use the information thus gathered to create better-targeted ads, fine tune your web content to keep the audience engrossed and strengthen your marketing initiatives. All these steps will help your website convert the leads into sales with ease.

Social Media Platforms

A primary objective of SEO campaigns is to increase the visibility of your website on the World Wide Web. So, while promoting your site on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg or on social news website like Reddit, use your keywords as anchor tags to get inbound links. This will not only help your SEO efforts but also give a boost to your online marketing drive.

So, use SEO friendly internet marketing tools to get the optimum return on every dollar that you have invested in your business.

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    Social media plartform and article marketing is the best way to do seo,
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    Oh, i like you post!

    I have Blog about Affliate Marketing, can u help me, can you suggest me about keyword, title, descript, …). I new lauched my site


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