Relationship with Readers – Why is It Important?

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Relationship with Readers – Why is It Important?

Trust is earned by getting to know someone and letting them know the real you. It is much easier to do that in person, but with so many communication tools available today, you can do it in cyberspace as well. By showing interest in what a person is about and what he or she likes, fostering a relationship is not impossible.

Like the relationship you share with friends and loved-ones, the relationship you build with your readers or customers uses the same formula mentioned above. The only additional variable, however, is money. By establishing a relationship with your readers and proving them the credibility and integrity of your business, they will keep coming back not only to check your website but to buy your services as well.

For instance, in a short period of months after launching a product, your sales and hits skyrocket through extensive advertising. The percentage of your unique visitors reaches 100%. These results cannot be sustained, however, if you don’t build a relationship with your readers.

Keep in mind that the journey to success is not a short trip. Six figures of sales won’t offset the following eight months of basement stats when customers don’t come back for a visit. If that happens, then you’re business will become a flop.

To prevent this from happening, connect with your readers. Pay attention to their needs to keep them coming back. Always strive for repeat visitors every month. Readers don’t visit your site just for fun— they stumble upon your site because they are looking for something. Show them your appreciation by taking some interest in what they really want.

The following reasons illustrate why the relationship you have with readers are important:

  1. They have friends. Word gets around through a person’s network of friends. While it is true that you have no idea who your site’s visitors are, what you can be sure of though is that they share a sphere of influence with a person or group. And they talk. Once you’ve satisfied a customer, they are sure to talk about it with someone.
  2. They have money. A simple visitor can turn to a customer if you have them convinced to buy your product. This is why you have to earn their trust. Once they buy your product, the possibility for repeat business has taken its first step.

  1. They represent a portion of the population. Your readers come from all walks of life. They come from different sectors of society which are connected to other members of that particular society. Their connections are helpful in spreading the word for your business. For example, online business owners can create back links for you on their site, bloggers can ask you to post an entry on their site, and avid social bookmarkers can increase your popularity by linking to your webpage. The possibilities are endless.

Your customers are human beings, not mere sales statistics. Show that you care for them as they are the force behind the success of your business.

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