How To Render Terrific Customer Service To Online Readers

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How To Render Terrific Customer Service To Online Readers

Customer service is an important factor in businesses. The level and quality of customer service will set a business apart from its competitors. Online, it takes the form of a person’s opinion in writing. It changes the face of every business by building a relationship based on trust with readers and customers.


English: An example of an automated online ass...
English: An example of an automated online assistant. Further information is found in the Automated online assistant article in Wikipedia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Understanding Customer Service

Let’s take this scenario as an example: a customer signs up to receive news from your business or from an affiliate program. That customer waits for days and still hasn’t heard from you. Finally, they receive a notice from you about the approval of their request. Before you can send them your services, they have grown impatient and have withdrawn their request.

The abovementioned scenario only shows why you need to follow through on the products and services you offer to your customers. They have shown interest, therefore, you should do your part to keep them.

No one wants to shuffle through shelves and aisles inside a large store right? Someone always has to guide them through. You should come to the customer for assistance, and not the other way around. As a business owner, it is your job to provide support whenever a customer needs it.

Providing Good Customer Service

While it is imperative for you to provide the best customer service you can give, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to sit in front of the computer all the time to watch for customer’s inquiries. It is virtually impossible. However, you can provide courses of actions or processes that will make your customer presence available 24/7.

Such processes involve:

· Auto-responder messages

· Scheduled newsletter delivery

· FAQ page that is always updated

· User-friendly tabs, site map and links to get around the website with ease

· Answering service

· Virtual assistant

The ways mentioned above show that your customers and readers’ problems are taken care of even when you’re personally not around. For instance, if you are an affiliate program, be sure to provide sufficient links and information that will help your readers fully understand your business and the method on how they can sign up for your services. Bear in mind that sign up forms should be user-friendly (that is, easy to complete) and should only require pertinent information.

Check your email regularly for inquiries that didn’t fall under the categories of your “Contact Us” page. Attend to question within the allotted time given to the customer in the auto-responder message.

Immediate service informs people that you are still concerned about them, even after you’ve made a sale. You value their feedback and want to keep them satisfied. Providing good customer service is a part of fostering a long-lasting relationship with your customers and readers.

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