Niche Marketing Examples And Success Guidelines

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Niche Marketing Examples And Success Guidelines

Some people have a hard time understanding niche marketing because it seems opposite to the common idea about marketing. Lots of marketers commit the mistake of selling their product or service to as many people as possible, believing that this will result in a larger sales volume.  In fact, that kind of marketing strategy usually results in failure and huge financial losses in advertising your product or service.

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Narrowing down your target market to a more specific, smaller group of prospects is important for true marketing success. As soon as you have your market narrowed down to a chosen few who are most likely to buy, focus all your efforts on promoting to this particular niche. This way, you spend more time with those who are likely to buy and prevent wasting hours on those who won’t buy.

Here are some further information that will help you grasp what niche marketing is all about:

Virtual Assistants

The virtual assistant industry is terrific for niche marketing. Virtual assistance niche is very feasible because it caters to a specific group of people who need help with organizing files, administrative work, and sorting documents — without having to hire an office personnel to do it.

Although virtual assistance is a very viable niche market, it may be necessary to narrow down that niche even deeper. It would be better to market a specific virtual assistant program for a specific type of industry or field. This will ensure that your marketing will be even more well defined and bought by the people who need it.

For example, some virtual assistants offer their services to real estate agents, online marketing coaches, and full time internet marketers. If you really want more response from your market, you should initiate separate marketing efforts for each target crowd. Then provide sideline offers to the same market, such as ghostwriting, content management, proofreading, editing, and many others. The key is to sit within a specific niche, determine their needs, and provide as many solutions for them as possible.

Internet Marketers

As an internet marketer, you can reach potentially millions of prospects at the click of a finger. However, your success in this field will depend on how well you narrow down your target audience and provide a product that caters to their specific need. The following target markets listed below are some of the most commonly served in internet marketing:

• Bloggers
• Moms
• Work From Home Moms
• Newbie Internet Marketers
• Article Marketers
• Info Product Creators
• Content Site Owners

Always remember that these niches can be narrowed down to arrive at a more specific, well-defined target audience.

An alternative way to define your target niche is to separate it from the general public.  Mass marketing is reaching millions of people from all age groups, occupations, and interests. Niche marketing is reaching a smaller group of people who have a common need or interest.

One good example is the pet niche. Although the pet niche has a specified target audience, it is very broad and large. What you do at this point is to narrow down this niche to several sub-niches, such as dogs, cats, birds, and many others. You can go the extra mile if you can further narrow down the niche to certain dog or cat breeds.

Obviously, by defining your niche and marketing strictly to a specific group of people, you will be able to enjoy your marketing efforts more. Locking in on a competitive and underserved niche gives you an opportunity to concentrate your marketing campaigns to a group of people who has a greater likelihood to buy from you.

As the saying goes, “You can’t please everybody.” The same thing holds true for niche marketing.

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