Niche Market Definition – Vital Info For Marketing Success

Niche Market Definition – Vital Info For Marketing Success

There are lots of online terminology that you might have encountered many times but are not fully aware of their meaning. A good example of these kinds of words is “niche”. This word may be easily understandable in the corporate world, where we define niche as a chosen field of expertise (i.e. “she found her niche in journalism”). Of course, that is a correct definition, but in online marketing, the word “niche” has a slightly different meaning and connotation.

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When you grasp the full meaning of “niche” and become aware of its importance in the Internet world, you will be able to market more effectively and cater to needs of specific customers.

Let me give you the Wikipedia description/definition of niche, as understood in the online marketing world: “A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing on.”

Although that is a vague definition, it gives us the basic idea that a niche is a “market”, possibly made up of people who have specific, well defined, and common interests.

What is the easiest way to determine your target niche and start marketing to people with a common interest and need for certain kinds of products? A good way to start is to think of general category niches, and then narrow it down to smaller and more specific sub-niches.

Let’s use “work at home moms” (WAHM) as an example. Of course, you are well aware that there are thousands (possibly millions) of moms working from home either through the internet, direct selling, multi-level marketing, or home based business. Although “work at home moms” is a niche, it is very broad and general. Marketing blindly to that market won’t produce the targeted results that you are looking for in your business.

The sound thing to do is to narrow down the WAHM niche into smaller, more specific subcategories. You have to give this extra effort, because choosing the right sub-niche for you is very important. Here are some possible sub-categories within the WAHM niche:

• WAHMs who recently gave birth
• WAHM business owners
• WAHM Freelancers
• Direct Sales WAHMs
• WAHMs who help other WAHMs succeed
• WAHM consultants

The list is practically endless. Many ideas for sub-niches and categories come to mind that falls under the WAHM niche. The main thought here is that you can increase your business success by learning how to narrow general niches into subcategories and focusing your business efforts on those smaller markets. The term used here by savvy marketers is “niching down”, and it very effective for gaining a solid and specific customer base who like you, trust you, and are loyal to you.

Obviously, choosing the right niche for you and your business is beneficial for long term Internet marketing success. You have to decide which types of people you’ll aim your marketing efforts to, then proceed to provide them products and services relevant to their needs. The more targeted and well-defined your niche is, the more results and profits you will acquire on a long term basis.

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  1. Good points, a lot of business have failed because they failed to recognize the “niche” market they should be catering to. By the way, is WAHM an actual acronym? Just curious~~

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